Pro-Zyme Low Foam Enzymatic Detergent™ is a multi-enzymatic cleaner formulated to quickly remove heavy bioburden from surgical instruments. Tests confirm that Pro-Zyme Low Foam Enzymatic Detergent™ is a top performer over other leading enzyme detergents in the marketplace.

Premium Grade Low Foam Enzyme Pro-Zyme Enzymatic Detergent™ is a multi-tiered, low foaming enzymatic non-corrosive detergent. The advanced multi-enzyme system provides the highest levels of soil removal sulfactants for outstanding performance even at low temperatures.

Cleans A Wide Range Of Metal Surfaces Pro-Zyme Low Foam Enzymatic Detergent™ is safe and effective for stainless steel, aluminum, tungsten carbide, copper and brass instruments.

Extra Strength Formula Penetrates Tough Bioburden Pro-Zyme Low Foam Enzymatic Detergent™ provides a fast and effective removal of stubborn organic encrustation from surgical instruments.

Free Of Metal Attacking Agents Pro-Zyme Low Foam Enzymatic Detergent™ does not contain phosphates, chlorides or hydroxides that can cause scale to form on instruments.