Enzy-Foam™ Spray – the ideal multi-enzymatic surgical instrument pre-cleaner, prevents bioburden build up. Perfect for Operating Rooms, Central Supply, Endoscopy Suites and Outpatient Surgery. The Enzy-Foam™ enhanced foaming system produces super clinging foam for outstanding soil penetration.

Prevents Dried on Blood – Enzy-Foam™ is designed to break down stubborn organic matter on instruments and utensils.

Eliminates Messy Spills – Our enhanced foaming agent eliminates spills during transport to the central processing department.

Bacteriostatic – The microbiological control agents in Enzy-Foam™ inhibit bacterial growth in the ready-to-use foam solution.

Enzy-Foam™ is safe and non-corrosive – Effective for stainless steel, tungsten carbide, aluminum and brass instruments.