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Instra Brite

For use in automated cleaning in medical and research facilities. Neutralizes residual alkalinity following wash function.

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Premier Rinse Water Additive

Premier™ Rinse Water Additive is a concentrated liquid drying agent designed for use in automatic washing process.

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Bio-Zyme™ is an advanced multi-tiered enzymatic cleaner that quickly removes blood and bioburden from endoscopes and surgical instruments.

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Pro-Zyme Low Foam Enzymatic Detergent™ is a multi-enzymatic cleaner formulated to quickly remove heavy bioburden from surgical instruments. Tests confirm that Pro-Zyme Low Foam Enzymatic Detergent™ is a top performer over other leading enzyme detergents in the marketplace.

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Pro-CleanTM Mild Alkaline Detergent is specially formulated for use in washer disinfectors. Compatible with a variety of substrates, stainless, aluminum, and plastics. Extremely free rinsing.

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Instra-Ease ll

A gentle formulation specially enhanced with non-aggressive ingredients. Frees box locks and lubricates moving parts of Surgical Instruments. Regular use of Instra-Ease protects against corrosion and is compatible with stainless steel, aluminum and a variety of plastics.

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Restore Sheen

Restore Sheen™ Rust & Stain Remover is a phosphoric acid based scale removal and brightening agent. Multi-acid system provides for superior rust removal and outstanding surface protection. Surfactant system maximizes the effectiveness of the ultrasonic action, yielding sparkling instruments.

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