Pro-Clean Mild Alkaline Detergent

Pro-CleanTM Mild Alkaline Detergent is specially formulated for use in washer disinfectors. Compatible with a variety of substrates, stainless, aluminum, and plastics. Extremely free rinsing.
Pre-Soak for badly stained stainless steel surgical instruments - Can be used undiluted to help remove instrument stains, scale and mineral build-up.
Cleans and Protects - Provides powerful cleaning action and passivation layer protection for stainless steel surgical instruments. Effectively removes proteins, blood, fat and carbohydrates.
Versatile - Pro-CleanTM is formulated for all brands and types (high impingement and low impingement) automatic washers.
Counteracts Hard Water and Maintains Instrument Surfaces - Strong chelating additives helps protect instruments by preventing scale buildup, allowing hard water minerals to be completely rinsed away.
Economical - The Pro-CleanTM high concentration formula saves money.